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GRE Compact

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE®) Assessment is a computer-delivered exam with question patterns that closely mirror the thinking you will perform and the abilities you need to succeed in today’s competitive graduate programs, including business and law.

The GRE® is the standardized test for graduate school admission that is most generally accepted globally. More than 1,000 business schools, including the majority of the top MBA programs in the US, now accept the GRE in addition to thousands of graduate programs around the world.

The GRE General Test evaluates your verbal reasoning, numeric reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing abilities—skills that have been honed through time and are applicable to all fields of study but not directly related to anyone.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction – E. F. Schumacher

Curriculum Description

The format of this class is one-on-one. It is made with top scorers in mind. People who took the GRE and broke through the 315 barrier with flying colors but are very ambitious to get the 320 and above. They frequently perform exceptionally well on one or both verbal and quantitative tests. This course focuses mostly on time management, strategic planning of question tries, and the fastest approaches to ace the exam. Prepare yourself for a unique experience because the classes literally move at the speed of light.

What You'll Discover


  • How to prepare for each GRE General Test segment
  • Important test-taking advice and techniques that can be used for each exam segment
  • What to anticipate in terms of exam organization, concepts tested, and score
    methods for organizing and resolving a variety of arithmetic problem
  • Curriculum Description


Your capacity to is evaluated in the analytical writing portion.

  • communicate intricate concepts clearly and successfully
  • Support claims with pertinent justifications and examples
  • Analyze assertions and supporting documentation
  • Maintain a focused, logical conversation
  • Control the grammar and other aspects of British English

Your capacity to: is assessed in the Verbal Reasoning portion.

  • Understand many layers of meaning, such as literal, figurative, and author’s intent; analyze and draw conclusions from discourse; reason from incomplete evidence.
  • pick the most important points; Understand the structure of a document; separate important subjects from secondary or unimportant ones; and summarize the content.
  • comprehend the relationships between words and concepts; comprehend the meaning of specific words, phrases, and complete texts.

Your capability is assessed in the Quantitative Reasoning section by:

  • comprehending, interpreting, and analyzing quantitative data
    Using mathematical models, solve issues.
  • Apply fundamental knowledge and understanding of mathematics, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

Class Schedule Mainland

1. Mondays 09:00AM – 04:00PM
2. Tuesdays No Session
3. Wednesdays 09:00AM – 04:00PM
4. Thursday  No Session
5. Fridays 09:00AM – 04:00PM
6. Saturdays   No Session
7. Sundays   No Session

Class Schedule Lekki

1. Mondays  09:00AM – 04:00PM
2. Tuesdays No Session
3. Wednesdays  09:00AM – 04:00PM
4. Thursday No Session
5. Fridays  09:00AM – 04:00PM
6. Saturdays No Session
7. Sundays No Session

Class Registration

GRE Compact
N 60000 Monthly

    12 - 15 students

    4 Weeks/ 12 sessions 12 - 15 students

    6 hours each


    3x per week

    In-Person / GRE
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